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Hansa is a part of Amica Group: a European manufacturer of household appliances which are active in more than 50 countries. By providing the latest tech and well-designed products we transform the everyday cooking experience into delightful enjoyment.

  • Trendsetting design

    High Storage Warehouse

    One of the most modern warehouses in Europe. In September 2017, Amica opened a High Storage Warehouse – the highest facility of its kind in Poland and one of the highest ones in Europe. It has 26 thousand pallet spaces, which can accommodate 230 thousand pieces of large household appliances. The fully automated control system allows for the placement of about 1.6 thousand articles per hour. These technologically advanced solutions will enable the packing and delivery of products to customers even faster and more efficiently.
  • Trendsetting design

    Trendsetting design

    Red Dot Award winner in 2015 for the new exclusive range ofHansa UnIQ built-in appliances and Best of the Best Product Design Award in 2012 for the Zen line in the largest design competition in the world.
  • High quality level

    High quality level

    Hansa products are recognised for their high consistent quality as confirmed by numerous certificates. This gives our customers the confidence in the quality of our products.
  • A wide & varied range of appliances

    A wide & varied range of appliances

    Hansa offers cookers, ovens, hobs, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines perfectly suited to the needs of a great number of consumers in terms of design and technology.
  • Guaranteed quality appliances from Hansa

    Guaranteed quality appliances from Hansa

    When purchasing a home or kitchen appliance from Hansa, you can be sure that it has all you need: quality, durability, efficiency and style. Each part manufactured in our plant is certified for safety of use, electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency, as well as complying with all environmental regulations.
  • Tradition and stability

    Tradition and stability

    Our employees stay with us for generations. As a company with tradition and an established position in the market, we provide our employees with a sense of stability and job security.
  • New Hansa Logo from 2015 year


Hansa is a well-known European brand of household appliances, available in over 20 countries and a preferred choice on Eastern European markets. Nearly 70 years of experience in household appliances production has enabled us to develop a wide and varied range of appliances suited in terms of design and technology to the needs of millions of consumers.

Appliances offered by Hansa help create a comfortable and welcoming kitchen. The solutions used in our appliances are a milestone in revolutionising any kitchen. Our products look stylish not only because of the unique design, but thanks above all to the selection of high quality materials that we use and our attention to every detail.

What always remains the most important for us is the recognition and trust of our consumers. We respond to their needs by constantly seeking new, ever better solutions to make household chores even easier and a greater pleasure. The range of appliances we create successfully combines advanced technology, unique functions and sophisticated design.

Amica Group by numbers

Meet our brands:

Logo Amica

The unquestionable market leader in Poland is available in Western Europe. One of the most recognizable and most trusted brands in the category of large household appliances.

Logo Hansa

A preferred choice on Eastern European markets. Distinguished by emphasis on modern design and applied technologies. The kitchen appliances by Hansa help create a comfortable and welcoming kitchen.

Logo Gram

Prestigious Danish brand with over 100 years of experience and valued throughout the whole of Scandinavia. It is characterized by distinctive and uncompromising product design and high quality.

Logo CDA

A UK brand offering high quality kitchen appliances that are built with consumer lifestyle in mind. Based in Nottinghamshire, CDA have continued to speak directly with the consumer since 1991 and strive to bring products that are both practical and stylish into many kitchens and lives.

Logo Fagor

Fagor* is one of the most recognisable home appliance brands in Spain with an extensive product portfolio.

*Using the Fagor brand under licence provided by Fagor S. Coop.

Global Range

Millions of people throughout the world trust our products

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